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The Art of Anne Henvey

All images © Anne Henvey



Happy New Year; Welcome 2020 And The Knowledge Of The Secret Key

Posted on January 4, 2020 at 12:15 AM

Hello and Happy New Year.  

Before I start pondering on what I hope to accomplish in 2020, I must share a story that took place on the very last day of 2019.

My son and his girlfriend had traveled to New York City to attend a concert and rented a car for the drive.  He was due to return the car at noon on December 31 so just after 11am I started my car, tossed in my purse and proceeded to clean the snow off in order to pick him up from the rental place.  I should just add that I have a new car with a fob/push button real key needed as long as you have the fob on your person.  It also has a handy "walk away lock" feature meaning it locks automatically when you have the key in your pocket or purse, saving those precious seconds it takes to manually push the lock button. Yes that's sarcasm....but it's incredible how easy that feature is to get used to.  However getting back to the story, after cleaning off the snow, the car  had made the decision, all on it's own, to lock all the doors and the tailgate.  My "key" fob, on the same keyring as my house keys sat smugly in my purse on the front seat where I could see it.  My phone was also in the purse. I had already locked the house and my son, having only the rental car keys did not have a house key on him.  He was already late for the car return but managed to give my daughter a quick call to get her to come and unlock the house.  He set off for the rental agent.  When my daughter arrived we unlocked the door to the house and I hoped the extra set of car "keys" was in the drawer and not in my husband's pocket. To my relief they were there and I hurriedly went out to unlock the car.  Nope.  It would not open the doors, or the tailgate.  Remember the car is still running and I began to wonder if it would run out of fuel.  We examined the fob and as she had looked up possible reasons why the second fob wouldn't work we found a button that we thought opened up the fob to change a weak battery.  It didn't.  We also discovered that the driver's door had an actual key hole so I raked around in the key drawer to see if there was an access key.  When I didn't find one I imaginied I'd been a complete idiot and still had it on the keyring with the rest of the keys. Daughter went off to the car rental place to pick up my son, calling my husband who was fortunately on the way home from work.  When he got home he tried using the fob to no avail.  He went online to see if it was a common problem and found quite a few posts to that effect.  He decided to see if it was the battery and messed around with the fob and that little button....lo and behold....when you push the button and hold the top of the fob and pull....A KEY SLID OUT. A key!!!!  In the fob.  Who knew??? 

Interesting to note that not one of the posts mentioned The Secret Key, including one from a techinician for my particular brand of car who had exclaimed in capital letters {shouting} that it was impossible to lock the fob inside a running car.  To him I say go back to school.

And yes I disabled the walk away lock feature.

Time to get thinking about my Twitter Art Exhibit submission, as soon as I put away the Christmas tree and decorations on the 6th.

Blessed Be.

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