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Summer Has Arrived.

Posted on 2 July, 2019 at 19:15

I am happy to say that finally we are seeing some really warm weather.  In usual Southern Ontarion style we have gone from chilly temperatures to boiling hot and humid.  Not complaining though!  The winter is still pretty fresh in my mind. 

I have done two shows so far, one at my favourite garden centre, Ormsby's in Meaford.  It's such a beautiful setting!  Amongst all those fragrant flowers and plants, seeing familiar faces and catching up on all the news, the day was lovely.  I'm always so pleased to occupy the same space (which they reserve for me!) and there's no tent or heavy apparatus to lug, which was ideal due to the fact that I was alone this time.  I managed to capture a great couple of photos of a fuzzy bumblebee busily collecting pollen from the many plants which I hope to feature him (or her!) in a future painting.  I purchased a lovely solar garden light from a favourite fellow vendor and restrained myself from indulging in fish and chips from the food truck that joined us. After the show I spent the remainder of the weekend in Meaford binge watching 'Downton Abbey'.  What a perfect weekend.

The Collingwood Arts and Music Festival, also known as 'CAMF' was moved up from the August Civic Weekend to last weekend, which of course was Canada Day Weekend.  It was also relocated to a street situation, in downtown Collingwood, a new location for us.  As it was an outside venue I spent most of the week prior nervously checking the website of Environment Canada alternating with the weather app on my phone.  At first there were thunderstorms predicted, sending a shiver of horror through me.  Then relief when the next time I checked it was sunny skies and warm temperatures.  Then rain.  Then sun.  Then rain.  I finally had to stop myself checking and just resign myself to whatever Mother Nature decided to dish out.  As it turned out there wasn't a cloud in the sky and brilliant sunshine was the only weather that we had to deal with.  The set up went fairly smoothly and I was ready not too long after the required time.  I'm usually scurrying about, flustered, moving things about until I'm satisfied things are displayed properly.  There were live musicians quite near to us, all of which were really good, especially a young band who covered a lot of my favourite music including Pink Floyd and The Beatles.  Also quite close was a terrific food vendor, who was serving a delicious non alcoholic version of a mojito.  It was so refreshing on a pretty hot day.  The icing on the cake was my sale of my painting 'Glorious Gladiolas' to a very nice lady who was going to take it to Florida where she winters.  A great day, made even more special by the visit of my little grandson Niko.  My daughter was also a participant in CAMF.  

I am hoping that CAMF wil take place next year but there were some rumblings as to whether this will happen.  I'd be so sorry to see this particular event cease to happen.  I've been doing it now for over twelve years.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Many Blessings to you and yours.  See you next month.

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