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The First Snowfall

Posted on 20 November, 2018 at 18:55

It wasn't much past the middle of November when we got our first taste of The White Stuff.  Now I've stated many times that I'm not a fan of snow.  I've never really adapted to the Great White North, despite having now spent most of my life here.  I tend to feel down during what I call the dark months.  It's dark when I get up for work, and getting dark on my way home.  Last Thursday night there was what the weather people called the first major snow event.  It started right on time in the afternoon as I hurriedly packed up at work and left early at the urging of my boss.  He didn't have to tell me twice and I cleaned up in record time and scurried across the parking lot to my car.  The journey home was much slower than usual but fortunately pretty uneventful until I neared my house.  Then snow started rudely accumulating on the roadways.  Of course there were the usual overly timid drivers, mixed in with the over-confident ones.  As someone recently pointed out sometimes the auto manufacturers are partially to blame for that over-confidence; constantly showing us their products blasting through deep snow-covered roads and rough, yet pristine terrain without any problem.  They should show instead the ugly city driving complete with traffic jams and construction. 

That night the snow fell relentlessly, eventually piling up to an annoying 4-5 inches, or 10-15 centimetres, whichever you prefer.  It was heavy, wet stuff, what you might enjoy making a snowman from should you feel inclined.  It was, fortunately, quite mild, with the temperature hovering around the 1-2C mark.  I had spent the night in my usual fashion, anxiously waking up every hour or so thinking about my morning commute the next day.  I had already decided that I'd wait until things cleared up if it was really bad.  

As I live on a little court, naturally there was no sign of anything resembling snow-clearing equipment.  In the morning someone had deposited pounds of road salt in the centre of the court and it sat uselessly in the midst of the deep tracks where people had driven.  I'm not sure what purpose that served other than a total waste of money.  As we cleared the cars off and shoveled the drive the snow decided to change to light rain and drizzle. It stayed drizzly for an hour or so then changed back to snow. I left for work before it got any worse and was pleasantly surprised to find that after my own street (which was a disaster) the main roads were just wet.  I wasn't even late.

I must admit that although my preferred method of dealing with snow is looking out of a window while sipping a hot beverage, perhaps with a cat or two on my lap, this first snowfall made me feel like Christmas shopping.  I started on the weekend and actually got some done.  

Still.  Roll on Spring.  Have a blessed week, and stay warm.

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