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T'is The Season

Posted on 6 November, 2018 at 19:00

I had last Monday off last week, feeling fairly normal until later in the evening when I caught the inevitable pre-winter cold.  I experienced the full treatment.....starting with the irritated, scratchy throat which escalated into a full-blown rawness that can only be described as having the inside of one's throat thoroughly scraped with a rough bottle brush.  My appetite quickly disappeared and I could only think about cups of hot tea.  Coffee is off the table once I get the slightest inkling that a cold is developing.  I decided to stay at home the next day and gathering my pillow, blanket, iPod and phone I migrated from bed to the couch.  I shivered miserably, stuffy and feeling extremely sorry for myself surrounded by my box of tissues and plastic grocery bag (for the used ones) and throat lozenges.  I spent the day huddled there, clutching my tissues and peering blearily from my blanket cocoon at various TV programmes getting up only to replenish my cup with strong tea or hot Ribena.  As the day progressed the blowing and coughing began; my nose was like a tap needing a new washer and rapidly became sore and red from the constant wiping.  Coughing began a thing to dread as my muscles began to rebel at the new and constant activity.  Sleep was impossible even though I felt exhausted.  The bags that were under my eyes could have held a weeks worth of groceries.  This continued over the next few days.  Unfortunately I had to return to work.  Having to keep on going into the big walk-in cooler felt like a trip to the Arctic and I bundled myself in a thick hoodie coughing and wheezing my way through the days.  I couldn't wait until Friday.  However, I'm happy to report that I am pretty well recovered as I write this.  There's usually a silver lining and in this case it manifested as a glorious bottle of elderberry syrup.  My son made this discovery as he was searching for something to ward off the evils that were emanating from my person....and came home with this remarkable product.  Not only is this syrup packed with vitamins, but it's pleasant tasting as well!  Win-win.

I'm happy to report that I'm feeling much better today.  It's over!!

Have a blessed week and stay healthy!

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