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Hallowe'en Is Here!

Posted on 31 October, 2018 at 21:45

Happy Hallowe'en, Blessed Samhain. This is the time of year when it's a common thought that the veil is thinning between the two worlds, the now and the afterlife. I will place my light into my upper hallway window on Hallowe'en Night and leave it open a crack to let my ancestors pay a visit. I love this time of year and decorate my house with all the traditional ghouls, ghosts and spiders, (although I'm quite terrified of the real versions of the latter). A favourite thing for me is to carve Jack O' Lanterns from pumpkins and this year I have three different shaped ones. They remained expressionless while a little snow fell on them Saturday night....I'll have to give them some faces soon. I enjoy the Trick Or Treaters but unfortunately as I live on a court I don't get many customers. Kids are wise nd realise that there's not many houses on my little court and sometimes avoid coming down. This also leads to my ingestion of too much chocolate and salty snacks.  Update:  Only ten little Trick Or Treaters knocked at my door this Hallowe'en!

Exciting weekend coming up; the Square Foot Show opens in Thornbury this Saturday. Next week I'll post pictures of this year's submissions. I don't like to post them until the show has opened. Just a self-imposed rule of mine. It's a mixture of superstition and respect for the show. I've just ordered some more square foot canvasses from my local art supply shop in anticipation of next year's show. I took advantage of Curry's Art Supply's generous "free shipping" promotion. I love Curry's. It's such a great source of not only terrific art supplies but also inspiration. So many great products to choose from!

Another event happening this weekend is the Christmas show at Ormsby's Garden Centre. I'm sorry to be missing this one, but unfortunately there's just too much on the go this time. I've participated in all the previous shows except one, which took place too close to Mother's Day for me to be able to leave my floral work. Wishing all my fellow Meaford Artisans much success and letting them know I'll miss them.

Last Sunday I looked after my sweet little grandson for the afternoon while his parents attended an event. He was very sweet and happy. He has added so much to my life, I can't imagine him not being here even though he's just five months old. He's captured all our hearts with total unawareness.

Have a blessed week....and enjoy Hallowe'en however you choose to observe it.

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